Houseplant care services

Houseplants may be able to live in the same soil and pot for several years but most plants benefit from getting a refreshing cleanse or soil replacement from time to time. Some plants might even out grow their homes and require a larger pot. The chore of buying, storing and choosing the correct materials can be too much for some houseplant owners to take. So, that leads to the introduction of our houseplant potting services.

Houseplant potting requires the knowledge of different types of plants and their preferred soil type. This takes time from your day to research and you may not have the time to commit to such a project. Collecting and storing the supplies for the task of replenishing the soil or potting your plant in a larger pot may not be something you are interested in doing right now.

For those of you that are local to Santa Clarita, California, we are offering plant care services that range from replanting to caring for your plants while you are away on vacation. The supplies needed to complete each type of service will be included in the cost. Please contact us the help with your need to care for your houseplants today.

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